Knightsbridge Consulting


Knightsbridge Consulting is a private consulting firm dealing with investigating all aspects of the unnatural. We're professionals dedicated to getting rid of what goes bump in the night.


Have you reached your wits' end? Does no-one seem able to help? That's when you call Knightsbridge. We approach all cases with an open mind, and will bring a resolution to the problem.


Our office is located out of London, England; but we deal with issues worldwide. Within twenty-four hours of reaching out to Knightsbridge, you'll be put in contact with a consultant -- either over the phone, internet, or depending on severity, face-to-face.


We Believe You. Now let us help you.


Craft Ramsay, Senior Consultant

Hello Knightsbridge Consultants!

We've had a busy few weeks so far, with a number of new Consultants joining us at Knightsbridge. As such, we've decided to hold a Staff Meeting on Saturday July 15th (4pm EST/8pm GMT) 

An agenda will be posted on the company forums this weekend, and if you cannot attend PLEASE LET THE SENIOR CONSULTANTS KNOW BY FRIDAY JULY 14th.

I do hope to see you all there, it'll be a good opportunity to get to know one another and see where Knightsbridge Consulting is going in the future!