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Rules for Consultants and Guests to follow
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By Mayahuel Stroi a Dec 1, 18
Discussion forum for everyone - not just for Knightsbridge Consultants. General OOC chatter that is open to the public. A great place to ask questions about anything SWL or Knightsbridge related!
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By John Kole Fri at 08:48 pm
Announcements, OOC Happy News, Leaves of Absence--anything that is important for Knightsbridge members to know or say? Put it here.
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This is where we can discuss upcoming or ongoing events. If you have an event you would like to pitch or collaborate on, this is where you can let us know!
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By Mayahuel Stroi a Dec 1, 18
A place for everyone in the SWL to post information about upcoming community events.
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By Mayahuel Stroi a Dec 15, 18
The Knightsbridge Case Files
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These are where you will find cases that are either OPEN or IN PROGRESS. Please make sure you post if you are taking an OPEN case so it can be marked IN PROGRESS. You can also inquire about assisting on IN PROGRESS cases in the thread here.
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These are cases that have been given a "Cold Case" status either because we hit a wall in the investigation or we were not able to take on the case at the time if was forwarded to us. These are sometimes the most rewarding cases to solve. Dig in!
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By Shanni Sun at 02:34 pm
These are the case files that have been closed with a report attached. They make great guides for new hires or for prospective clients to see our quality work.
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Knightsbridge Roleplay
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Character biographies and profiles for Knightsbridge Employees.
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Open Threads for any Knightsbridge Employees to join. ALL Knightsbridge Employees are required to create a thread for their office desk.
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By Matthew Drake Mar 14, 19
Forum for Closed Roleplay - Think of this as story writing, journal writing
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By Mihai Stroi Wed at 08:24 pm
This is an open forum where Knightsbridge members can RP with anyone outside of Knightsbridge. It's a perfect place to create stories and plots that show us who your character is outside of the office.
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By Mayahuel Stroi a Oct 23, 18
Are you a freelancer wanting to work on a contract basis? Are you an employee of another agency and have a case that you want us to help you with? This is where Knightsbridge Consultants and others from the Secret World can work on single cases together.
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By Ashton Maraban Mar 4, 19
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