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Important OOC Knightsbridge Consulting: Rules of Conduct

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Rules of Conduct

Knightsbridge Consulting leadership is divided between the Senior Consultants Mayahuel Bailey and Hadden Pertwee. Decisions of importance to the cabal are made by these two, with help from others as needed.

These decisions include, but are not limited to:

* Acceptance of applicants for both Consultant positions & Freelancer work
* Large-scale RP events that will affect the cabal as a whole
* Disciplinary action and removal of members

We hold ourselves to the same standards as we do the rest of the group. If for any reason you feel that one of the officers has violated any of the rules listed below, contact us, and it will be addressed fairly and transparently. An officer who does not follow the rules can and will be removed from their position, or even from the cabal as a whole, depending on the nature of the indiscretion.

General Standards of Behavior

When it boils down to it, Knightsbridge Consulting is about having fun. Our primary goals include role-playing, storytelling, making new friends, chatting in our forums, and Secret World Legends gameplay together. We desire to be a tight-knit, happy group. To this end, we have a very low drama threshold. Causing unnecessary drama in any context will not be tolerated. Abusive or hate speech is not allowed and may be deemed grounds for immediate removal from the cabal. Hate speech and racial slurs in general are a very quick way to find oneself kicked out of the cabal and banned from the website without prior warning, regardless of the context in which they are used.

Secret World Legends is a Mature rated game and we understand that and all it entails. However we will make the request that sexually explicit material be kept to private channels. it's something that may happen in the course of a plot, and we will not discourage it as long as it's not seen in local chat or cabal chat. The officers are not prudes, but simply wish to keep the image of the cabal and its reputation high in the community. As such we ask that you guys flag your stories with the movie rating scale if needs be in that regard. Remember we are building a community here and we want everyone to feel comfortable.

*Hate speech of any sort, sexist or racial slurs will NOT be tolerated.
*"Curse words" and the like can be used as long as they are not used to the point of distraction.
*"ERP" should not find its way into local or cabal chat. Please keep it private.
* Forums posts should be rated if content is risqué / violent.

Put simply, we expect members to treat others as they would like to be treated. As a group of mature gamers and writers, we trust that our members have a solid foundation in common sense. We therefore expect members to use that common sense in how they behave and how they treat each other, as well as how they treat those outside the cabal. For example, if you are unsure if you should say/type/post something, chances are you probably shouldn’t. When you post on the official forums, SWLRP, TSW-RP forums or anywhere you still represent our cabal as surely as if you were posting on the Knightsbridge Consulting forums. We expect you to represent us proudly in the way you handle yourself not only in the game and in our own forums, but also on the various forums out in the community.

When it boils down to it: Be excellent to each other.

Role Playing Guidelines

Knightsbridge Consulting is a Medium to Heavy role-playing cabal. This means that we expect members to behave in-character while in the game with each other. While some OOC is absolutely allowed on team and cabal channels, we do ask that you clearly mark it so that it may be easily distinguished from any IC currently underway.

Role-playing is never to be used as an excuse for behaving abusively towards other players, be they members of Knightsbridge Consulting or not. If your character’s back story includes a passionate dislike for Illuminati or Dragon members, we encourage you to incorporate this in good fun, but this does not give you free reign to verbally berate every member of these factions on sight.

Now, if a player is receptive to this sort of RP and is happy to play along, it’s perfectly acceptable and encouraged. As a role-playing cabal, we want our characters to behave in-character. But at the same time, we recognize the need to be sensitive to the needs of other players who may not choose to role-play, or who may not enjoy playing along with your style of role-play. The general rule here is: Role-playing is strongly encouraged in any capacity, unless it’s taken to such an extreme that it is impeding the fun of another player.

One of our most important role-playing rules is regarding the use of other members’ characters in your stories. If you would like to incorporate another person’s character, please ask them first. It’s common courtesy. We have all spent a great deal of time creating these characters, and there is no worse feeling than having another member feature your character in one of their stories without your consent and seeing your character behaving and speaking in a manner you would not have chosen for them. We are very mindful of the ownership we feel over these characters we have each created. If you wish to use another player’s character in your story, get their permission to do so. The other player may want to write their own character’s dialogue, and we fully defend their right to do so. This may even open the door to full story collaborations between members, if both parties are interested in such endeavors!

We encourage members to post responses and feedback to member stories on our forums. Constructive criticism to our stories is also welcome, so long as it’s offered in a spirit of encouragement. We want to build each other up as role-players and storytellers, not tear anybody down.

Disciplinary Action

Any offense will normally be met with a warning from an Senior Consultant. After one warning, if in a reasonable amount of time, another incident happens you will be most likely asked to leave. However, officers also reserve the right to remove anyone from the cabal without warning, if the nature of the offense is determined to be deserving of such action. If you believe you have witnessed a Knightsbridge Consulting member in violation of our standards, whether it be in-game, in our forums, or on the official SWL forums, please notify an officer. We have set very high standards for ourselves, and we intend to live up to them in the hopes of making our group one of the premiere groups in Secret World Legends.

If you have questions about any of these regulations, please contact a Senior Consultant— we’re happy to help.

Edited: 11/30/2018
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Please note that the rules Craft created for all of us have been updated, but are still very much the rules that our cabal and its members are expected to follow. Even if you've been here a long time, please be sure to take a look and "brush up" on the Knightsbridge Consulting Rules of Conduct.
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