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"LORE" - Music and Lore Quiz - 24th of February, 8PM GMT!

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On February 24th (8pm GMT), Knightsbridge Consulting cordially invites you to experience an event inspired by the Lore of the Secret World! For one hour, DJ Damian Atavez of Happy Tentacle Radio will present a mix of music and readings of the Buzzing that will give you a whole new appreciation of the word of Gaia!
At 9pm, after the music, the evening continues. Celebrating the Horned God itself, we will have a classic pub quiz-night where all the questions revolve around the Secret World we all inhabit. Tablets, phones and familiars down ladies and gentlemen – let’s see who knows what!

This is a great chance to network professionally, to make new friends, to strike deals. The Secret World is a scary place, where things go bump in the night. Friends and allies are in short supply. We need to make our own!

(LORE on the 24th of February (8pm GMT) is the first of a series first in a series of bi-weekly social events offered by Knightsbridge Consulting in association with talented volunteers – We hope to continue offering these nights for the foreseeable future, so even if you can’t make it, keep an eye on @SWKnightsbridge to be informed of the next LORE and the scheduled events!)
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I'm hoping to be there myself! But this looks awesome! Thanks to Rachel and Maya for doing all the legwork on this one!
Posted Jan 26, 18
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Hey, that sounds great! I already have a commitment on that date, but I'll certainly try to pop up at the next one!

((Ironically enough, Hadden can't attend because that weekend I'll be in... London. :lol: ))
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