In our ongoing effort to offer RP opportunities for the community at large, Knightsbridge is trying something new. Project Freelancer gives players who are not members of the cabal a chance to work on cases with us. This is a perfect chance for anyone who wants to see what Knightsbridge is about to come in and participate.

Are you someone who may not be able to commit to a cabal full time? Are you already a member of another cabal or group, but you would like to do some crossover RP with us? Are you new to the game and still getting your bearings but looking for RP? Whatever your circumstances, this open project offers a great opportunity to dip a toe into the water without making a commitment beyond a single case.

If you are interested in working as a Freelancer, here's what you need to do:

  • Join our Discord so you can communicate OOC in our public general chat.
  • Check out our Cold Case section on the forums.
  • Choose your case.
  • Let us know in general chat what case you would like so our admin can move the case & change tags for the thread.
  • Begin your post in the Knightsbridge Freelancers Roleplay section by beginning a new thread. The title of the thread should be the same as the title of the case. For example, if the case name is "The Big Ghostly Case" in the cold case file section, your thread title in the Freelancers' section should be: "The Big Ghostly Case"
  • Even if you are doing the RP for the case outside the forums, you will need to post a short IC thread to claim the case. This can be something short and sweet, just letting us know who you are ICly and that you are working the case. We encourage posting your RP in the forums, but wherever/however you choose to do your RP is up to you!
  • If you want someone to help you with the case, let us know here in the OOC forums or in Discord. Our consultants are helpful and always ready to jump in on a case.
  • COMMUNICATE if you need anything. We are big on this concept. We talk to each other. We figure out bugs or problems. We work together to make being here fun.
  • Once your case is completed, you should file a case report in the original thread where the case was posted. If you need assistance in figuring out the Case Report format, take a look at some closed cases. It's pretty straightforward, but ask if you need help and we'll be glad to explain.

Be sure to read the Freelancer Memorandum before you begin. We are excited about this offering and hope will be too!