[here are some frequently asked questions about project freelancer, including both ic and ooc information. if you have questions that are not answered here, feel free to contact us here or on discord. We are happy to help you and glad you are here!]

Q: So what exactly is a Freelancer?
A: Freelancers are contract employees of Knightsbridge Consulting who assist with cold cases. This allows the Knightsbridge consultants and interns to focus primarily on those cases that might need more immediate attention.

Q: Do I have to join the Knightsbridge cabal in order to participate?
A: No, you do not. The motivation behind Project Freelancer is to open what we do at Knightsbridge to anyone who might want to check it out without the commitment of joining the cabal.

Q: How do I apply to become a Freelancer?
A: There is no application process. You simply need to join the Knightsbridge site to have posting privileges. Before applying for a case, though, you should post a short bio/description and tag it as an "Application" in the Freelancers Roleplay Forum.

Q: What if I already am a member of another cabal?
A: No problem. You can come in and work a case just like anyone else. We enjoy and welcome cross-cabal RP.

Q: What exactly am I expected to do if I am a Freelancer?
A: You pick a case from the Cold Case forum and let our case manager know that you would like to work the case. You can do this on the case posting itself. The case will then be classified as active and in progress. More details regarding how to handle the case investigation can be found in the Project Freelancer memorandum. Please read that before choosing a case.

Q: Can I bring in my own case to investigate as a Freelancer?
A: If you have an outside case that you would like to investigate, contact one of the Senior Consultants to request the case be added to the roster. If you have a link to provide for the source, this will be helpful. We suggest you begin with a look at the cold case forums to get an idea of the sorts of cases we handle.

Q: Can I choose from the Active Cases if I see something I like?
A: No, investigations on Active Cases can only be started by Knightsbridge consultants and interns. However, Freelancers may be invited to work on an active case by a Knightsbridge Consultant.

Q: What do I do once I have decided to take a case?
A: Reach out via the forums or Discord to let our Case Manager or Senior Consultants know you would like that case. Once they have given you the okay to move forward, you can conduct the investigation in whichever way you prefer: writing a short story, posting diary entries, making a group RP... the sky's the limit.

Q: How long do I have to complete a case?
A: The time frame is completely up to you and how you choose to RP the case investigation. We ask that if a case report will be delayed by more than a month, you check in to let the Case Manager know.

Q: What do I do after I have completed my investigation?
A: You will need to provide a Case Report just as any other Consultant with Knightsbridge would be expected to do. That Case Report should be filed as a reply to the original Case posting (which will be in the Active Cases section of the forums once you have requested it and begin working).
If you need an example of a case report, please take a look at the Closed Cases section of the forums.

Q: Is there a limit to how many cases I can do as a Freelancer?
A: Freelancers can only have one case investigation at a time, but there is no limit to the number of cases you can do in succession.

Q: Can I be promoted from a Freelancer to a Consultant?
A: If you would like to join the cabal and become a Knightsbridge Consultant, you must submit a regular application via the website.