When Seimur walks in to KBC headquarters, he almost immediately goes looking for the freelancer applications. Some of the questions provoke a frown, but he tries to answer them honestly.

Name: Jarred Wright

Preferred Name: Seimur Einarsson

Nationality: American

Birthdate: 8/19/1976

Age: 42

Address: According to ID, Sweet Water Ranch, Polk County Florida (street address enclosed), but technically I usually live in my truck.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Media Studies from the University of South Florida

Profession: Truck driver (formerly a journalist for the Tampa Tribune)

Affiliation: servant of Hel/Illuminati

Race: Undead human (not vampire, mind you, I just haven't been alive for a long time)

Unique powers/abilities: I channel death magic, through my contract with Hel.

Combat skills: Very good shot with a shotgun. Also good with the pipe wrench I usually carry around. Practiced more on the go with hand to hand fighting.

Other skills: Can communicate with ghosts, though I can't travel via Agartha I do have other methods of quick travel, practiced via my former job at interview and investigative techniques.

Languages spoken: English, Icelandic, some Spanish

Once he's done, he looks for who he needs to turn the application in to.