Mayor Inocencio Perez of Pajarito, has contacted us in hopes that he might be able to lift the mandatory curfew he has placed on his small town of Pajarito. The curfew was placed on the teenage population requiring them to be indoors after nightfall or under the supervision of parent or adult guardian. This was done after teenagers started to present odd behaviours such as threatening to commit suicide, going into convulsions, fainting and speaking in voices not related to a normal voice change caused by the onset of puberty. The only thing which seems to link fifteen teenagers to this case aside from the behaviour witnessed is an app known as WhatsApp on their electronic devices. Mayor Perez and concerned parents believe an evil spirit has been using the app to cause the teenagers to behave strangely.

We have been asked to investigate the goings on and help resolve this situation. The curfew placed on the teens is unpopular with both the teenagers and their parents who are now forced to provided more supervision than they normally would, limiting their own activities. Both the adults and teenagers of this small community would be happy to see the curfew lifted.

Columbia has a history rich in folklore of demons terrorizing the local populous that should not be ignored. It is not recommended for a consultant to take on any cases alone, but I would reiterate this again, especially for this case.

More information can be found in the following news article: Colombian Town Uses Curfew