General information
Name: Samaira Narula
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Bee)
Date of Birth: January 17, 1991
Nationality: British
Faction: Templars
Twitter: @SamairaNarula

Physical Description
Build: Lithe
Height: 163cm (5'4")
Weight: 46 kg (102 pounds)
Race: Black British / British Indian
Skin: Deep hazelnut
Hair: Naturally brown, normally worn in big curls, can be squashed into tight hats during assignments
Eyes: Hazel/Amber
Voice: No regional accent, light raspy tones over a honeyed voice
Scars: Harsh burn scars across her face which had faded with surgery and time

With a Lithe build and average height it may be easy to not notice Samaria, if it weren't for some of her features that stick out. Standing at only 5ft 4" and weighing in at 102lbs. Her build seems toned, with some light muscle. It shows she goes to the gym, though isn't in peak physical health, yet.

She carries a scent of a smoker with her, usually seen with a rolled up cigarette while outside. She carries a lighter that leaves no open flame.

Her hair is a dark brown, and seems full in volume. Big curly locks on most days, sprouting into a wild and misshapen Afro. On lazier days it tends to be tied back into a tight bun or covered in a bandanna. Her button nose seems well placed on a heart shaped face, and she could've been considered cute by magazine standards if it wasn't for the burns.

Her face is matted with burn scars that seem to of reached the majority of her face. They follow down to her neck at least before being covered by clothes. Blister scars seem to of diminished over time but are still present and linger, and the discolouration of her face makes it hard to miss.



A bit more to learn with the spear, but it is quick becoming a better choice for Samaira. Being quieter but still giving a semblance of ranged combat.


The easy option, and currently her go to. It's a KRISS Vector SMG gun. She was given this as part of her combat training.