Section I: Basic Information

Full Name: Hervens Laurent Toussaint Baptiste
Birthdate: June 19th, 1921
Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Faction: Templars
Title(s)/Alias(es): Arbiter; Graymark
Religion/Philosophy: Occultism
Occupation: Paranormal Investigator

Physical Description
Hervens appears to be in his mid to late thirties. He is of a fairly average height, bearing a muscular build. He has a cocoa complexion with ebony hair and hazel eyes. He keeps his face cleanshaven along with a short cropped hairstyle. He has a fleur-de-lis tattoo on the right side of his neck and a Seal of Solomon tattoo on his left forearm.

Hervens’ clothing style could be called “rugged” or “practical”. He always wears a custom sheepskin jacket no matter the weather. Around his neck is a pentacle necklace, representing his faith. On his finger is a stone ring given to him by his mother. When operating on official Templar business he will dress for the occasion.

While going about his day Hervens carries a few items on him or in his jacket; this consists of a smartphone, pocket-sized spray paint, keychain, wallet, a flask and a pack of cigarettes. Hervens' main weapon is his sword named Temperance which is a gladius that he sheathes in his coat. It serves as his elemental focus as well as a weapon, though he is by no means helpless without it.
Section II: Training, Powers and Skills

Tiana Baptiste (Magical Training)
US Army (Military Training)
Innsmouth Academy (1935-1939)

Mundane Abilities
Cook (Cajun-style food)
Polyglot (French [fluent], English [fluent], Latin [fluent], Italian [knowledgeable], German [knowledgeable])
Military Training

Supernatural Abilities
  • Talented Evoker
Hervens is extremely adept at on-the-fly spellcasting.

  • Affinity for Kinectomancy
Kinectomancy could be considered his “discipline”.

  • Extra-Sensory Perception/Third Eye
Hervens can naturally sense ambient magic or spells in close proximity to him. He can also open his “Third Eye” which allows him to see representations of magic in the world and also pierce illusions.

  • Bloodline Constitution
Hervens’ bloodline can be traced back to Yorubaland in Africa. His ancestors were powerful spellcasters that found a way to obtain longevity and pass it through their descendants. A side effect of the longevity is that those of Hervens' bloodline also heal better but not faster than other mortals.

  • Demonology
At Innsmouth Academy, Hervens studied the subject of demons. He also has considerable experience with demonic encounters as a private investigator.

  • Cryptozoology
Hervens studied various monsters and folklore from history. Myths and legends passed down to form a bestiary or sorts while he was at Innsmouth Academy.

  • Summoning Theory
Hervens knows the process for summoning otherworldly creatures to the mortal realm. He also understands the theory behind the process.

  • Magical Theory
Hervens has been studying the laws and effects of magic nearly his entire life. He understands how to interacts with magic, how it reacts and behaves in certain situations and how to be more efficient in utilizing his spells.

  • Occult History
Magic has an important part throughout history, though not always directly observable. Hervens studied Occult History at Innsmouth Academy to learn the history of the secret world.

  • Arcane Geometry
Patterns and shapes are important representations in casting spells and occult phenomenon. Hervens studied this subject at Innsmouth Academy.

  • Defensive Magic
Hervens practiced wards, shielding and counter-spells as a subject while at Innsmouth Academy.

  • Parapsychology
The human mind is often an illogical and inconsistent place. That's what Hervens learned during his course in Parapsychology at Innsmouth Academy which covered mental defenses, mind control, precognition and most other forms of mental magic.

  • Alchemy
Hervens learned to brew potions in a way that is uncommon and a bit unorthodox. He always uses A potion consisting of eight parts: a liquid base, five ingredients to engage five physical senses, one to engage the mind, and one to engage the spirit then bound together with his magic.

  • Rituals
Hervens knows a few rituals taught to him by his mother. They have been passed down through his family over generations.

World Weary (nightmares, PTSD, apathy)
Section III: History

Hervens was born in New Orleans to a witch mother and a mundane father. His family owned a restaurant in the Tremé district of the city called Ayiti’s Tavern. His father left the family when he was seven, leaving him to be raised by his mother. As a witch, his mother taught him everything she knew about the supernatural world and his lineage and when he began displaying magical talent at eleven she began training him. His training continued when he was sent to Innsmouth Academy for formal training at age fourteen. He learned a great deal and when his education was concluded his mother encouraged him to seek membership to the Templars. He decided to travel a bit before committing to the organization which was cut short when the Second World War began consuming Europe in earnest. He did eventually return home and he wasn’t home long before the United States entered World War II and he enlisted to fight despite his mother’s protests. He fought with the 92nd Infantry Division, 370th Infantry Regiment otherwise known as the “Buffalo Soldiers”. He participated in the Italian Campaign from August 1944 to May 1945. At the end of the war he finally joined the Templars as a full member. He also got his private investigator's license to pursue cases of that nature for the Templars. Since then he has served with the Templars for over seventy years becoming one of the Old Guard.
Section IV: Personality

Hervens is a dark knight: loyal and strong, but also gruff and stoic. He has a sort of 'quiet intensity' to him. He is very rarely prone to emotional outbursts, preferring to handle situations with a calm and tactful mind. He tends to focus on truth and justice while maintaining an air of dignity and intelligence at all times. He has high amount of honor and displays a strong resolve. He is willing to take action whenever it is necessary though he does not favor violence. Which is a bit ironic considering how good he is at it. He also tends to swear or make exclamations in French. Nobody's perfect of course and Hervens has plenty of less favorable traits too. His vices and stubbornness cause plenty of grievances and reach all around. He also never turns away from oppression or bigotry.