If you're not aware, coming out April 4th is the first NEW content in Secret World Legends: Dawn of the Morninglight. This will be the first BRAND NEW story content for Secret World Legends and takes us to South Africa as we infiltrate a new Morninglight compound.

With the coming of new content, we're going to ramp things up a little here as well in Knightsbridge. New content means more reasons to be in the game, and we want to make sure people have stuff to do as Knightsbridge Consulting content as well.

First up is a change -- Our Wednesday Night Investigations, starting in April, are going to happen every other week. It'll be the week we don't have UPSTAIRS and allow for tighter, quicker cases. It'll remain Wednesday nights at the same time, just be every other week.

To offset this, we're looking at adding more one-and-done investigations. These will be held on the weekends when we don't have a Wednesday night case starting in May, and will be at a more European friendly time. We know the cabal is made up of about 50% North American players and 50% European players, so we definitely want to give everyone the opportunity to jump in on these investigations.

To help facilitate our new case nights/days we're ramping up recruitment. We're always looking for active people who want to participate both in the game and on the forums. If you have a friend that you think would be a good fit, let me know and direct them to the website. As part of this recruitment drive, I'm hoping to put together a FAQ for potential hires, and if you have suggestions for what should be included on the FAQ, definitely let me know.

Also, on April 28th there is the CABAL PRIDE 5. Knightsbridge Consulting will be kicking off the show at 16:05 GMT - We're working what we're going to do with our 5 minutes to promote the cabal, but I'm asking that if anyone can make it -- they do so.

UPSTAIRS and LORE are both events we sponsor that are going to continue for the future and hopefully give opportunities for people to become involve in RP and the community.

Finally, I'm working on something that will add a bit of progression to the cabal -- and completely ripping off the Agent Network from SWL. I'm working on coming up with a template similar to the agent dossiers where you'll be able to put a bit of a blurb about yourself, add some skills and 'level' up based on the investigations you work on and case reports you submit. I'm hoping to roll this out in April, if all goes well.

There's a lot to digest there, and I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how to keep things engaging as we go into the new content.